Suspicious Character Films is a new company set up to produce a range of high-quality independent features.  

We are interested in  genres as diverse as comedy, drama, science-fiction and horror.  On this page you'll find the first projectsin our slate.

Photograph: shooting With Friends Like These by Neil Monaghan


Robert Daws and Reanne Farley shooting for An Unkind Word

Election Night - A Horror Thriller

Election Night is a powerful new horror-thriller that will enter production later this year.

Five friends gather for a party, and to watch the Election Night TV marathon.  Political debate has become polarised and the Alt-Right are in the ascendant.  There is rioting on the streets.  

When three strangers caught up in the riots show up appealing for help, the group offers them shelter.  As the election coverage progresses, a frightening new world order emerges, and the strangers reveal themselves to be supporters of the Alt-Right.  What follows is a politically charged war of words - that escalates into violence and death. 

Election Night is a home-invasion horror movie which reflects the genuine anger and divisions in our current world.

This film is being partially crowdfunded.  You can find out about our campaign here.

Can TWO WRONGS ever make a right?

Ray bitterly regrets his affair so to try and save his marriage he suggests his wife has one too to even things out.

At first Toni is appalled at the idea. But then she invents a fake affair to teach her husband a lesson.

However when Toni begins to fall for the man playing her lover, the affair threatens to become reality.

Ultimately Toni must decide between forgiveness and a fresh shot at love.

A new take on the British rom-com.

While Two Wrongs has its roots firmly set among the classic British rom-coms such as Four Weddings and a Funeral and Notting Hill, it has a much more unusual setting.

After inheriting a fetish boutique Toni and Ray find themselves surrounded by all manner of unusual kinks and bizarre equipment.  It's an unashamedly sexy world of rubber, leather and PVC.

With books like 50 Shades of Gray being so popular - the time is right to explore this territory in a romantic comedy.

Find out more about Two Wrongs here.